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Beliz Demircioğlu & Emir İnanç

Beliz Demircioğlu & Emir İnanç
Wedding date: 24 July 2020
How we met and the marriage proposal: 
This is kind of private for us so we would rather not share. 
About our wedding day: 
We had a wonderful wedding day full of small and big celebrations of our union. It was during the pandemic so we were trying to be as careful as we can. Our close friends and family supported us from far away and right by our side. It was a day full of laughter and joy. 
Our wedding style: 
We wanted a wedding that is simple, elegant, sincere, warm and as minimalistic as possible. We wanted it to by the sea and the decorations to be nature based so we concentrated on different tones of green, a little bit of white and some yellow. We used eucalyptus leaves, olive branches, some variety of white flowers and lemons. 
Finding my dream wedding gown: 
I had kind of chosen a gown but was not so excited about it, I told my friend Mine and all of a sudden her eyes were shining and she said that I should check out BEGUM Bridal Design House's collection. We opened the page and I saw my gown, the moment I saw it I was in love with it. In my rehearsal I did try other gowns from her collection but the Daphne gown was like as if Begum Salihoglu had designed it for me. There was no question in my mind from that moment on. 
First dance song: Our first dance song was Qué vendrá from Zaz. The lyrics were very special for us and we enjoyed that it was a very playful song:
It doesn't really matter where I'm going
As long as I dare
To hold the other's hand
To love the time that passes


In everything I do
Rage and love embrace each other
Be it mine or be it yours
Life goes beyond us...
Advice for future couples about their wedding day: Just make sure that you really enjoy the day, the beauty is all about two people coming together to celebrate their love, so try to spare some time to be alone with your partner during that day. 


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