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Ceren Yıldız & Hakan Özgökçen

Ceren Yıldız & Hakan Özgökçen


Wedding date: August 30, 2020

How we met and the marriage proposal: We have been working at the same office for the past 10 years and first became very good friends. A couple of years ago, friendship turned into something else :)

About our wedding day: As we wanted to enjoy ourselves as much as possible on the wedding day, we were very relaxed. We wanted everything to be organic and to be as much as ourselves as possible. I did my own make-up our room while chatting and drinking with our friends. Due to the pandemic, it was not a big wedding as well, which was actually what we preferred in the first place. It was very close family and friends, which made the day light and genuine, as we wanted it to be.

Our wedding style: Classic, refined and intimate at the same time.

Finding my dream wedding gown: I always knew that I would not be wearing a puffy wedding gown. My mother saw the ELOISE gown online and immediately told me to try it. I went there the next day, tried it and loved it. I felt like it was made for me. It actually was the first and the last gown I tried. I did not look any further. I felt elegant and comfortable throughout my whole wedding day.

First dance song: We actually did not have a first dance :) Neither of us wanted it. But I think L.O.V.E by Nat King Cole was playing when we first entered the dinner location.

Advice for future couples about their wedding day: Be relaxed as much as possible. There will at least be one thing that will not go the way you wanted, no matter how stressed you are. So enjoy the day together, eat, drink and laugh with loved ones.


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