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Ece Hocaoğlu & Sertaç Şanlı

Ece Hocaoğlu & Sertaç Şanlı

Beautiful heart and soul @ecehocaoglu in her KIANA gown at her wedding ceremony! 

Beautiful Ece looking fabulous in her Kiana slip dress! (Kiana is a two piece gown; inside has a slip dress and can be worn separate). Her headpiece was completing her simple yet elegant look perfectly, also can be paired with veil.

Photo credit: Puciwed

Wedding Date: 24 Haziran 2020

How we met and the marriage propasal: We met in Gwanju, South Korea in July 2015. Since we were both professional athletes, we went to the university Olympics with the national team. We met there and later became friends. After a while, our relationship started.

The marriage proposal was very special and beautiful. Because we suddenly decided and went to New York to celebrate Sertac's birthday. (Actually it was all planned but I didn't know) He proposed me with a surprise organization in Central Park in August 5, 2018. It was a very fine and beautiful detail that he gave me his own birthday. We are now celebrating double on August 5.

About our wedding day: Normally, we were planning to organise our wedding abroad in August 2020. Until the beginning of June, we still believed that the pandemic period would end until our wedding date. In the process that followed, we decided to cancel our wedding and in a very short time, we organized our wedding in the form of a 'summer party' on the terrace of our house with our 10 family members. Everything happened so quickly (within 10-12 days) that even we still couldn't believe on the wedding day. It was a wonderful day that we wish it would never end, we had a lot of fun. I wish we could go back.

Our wedding style:  We planned our wedding very last minute. Our dress code was "Blue & White". Since we organized it at the terrace of our house, it was a fun, warming night, like a summer party. 

Finding my dream wedding gown: My dear Begüm, who showed me my dream wedding dress the minute we met; made my job so easy that when I tried the wedding dress I said YES. Frankly, I was dreaming of a more sparkly wedding dress for the wedding, but I wanted to be more simple and elegant for the wedding. I just had a wonderful slip wedding dress KIANA that I was looking for and in which I felt very good.

*** Also, I would like to thank you to the amazing BEGUM BDH team who prepared my dream wedding dress in a week (for the crazy bride who goes to see a wedding dress 10 days before the wedding!) My dear husband and Begüm even chose my hair accessory during my fitting at the fitting room and when I came back to the showroom. I was so lucky that if I chose it myself, I would choose that hair piece directly. Begüm's wonderful design and the fast production of the team made me also one of the happy BEGUM brides on the list!

Congrats to Ece & Sertaç!

Visit Ece's IG to see her wedding ceremony at their Istanbul house's terrace with the beautiful Galata Tower view.


Photo credit: Puciwed


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