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Ezgi Nur Aydın & Tugay Hacıevliyagil

Ezgi Nur Aydın & Tugay Hacıevliyagil

A modern botanical fairy tale. Ezgi is summer girl and she was dreaming of a glamorous yet elegant look in her wedding day. Jane, one of our favorite gown from the new season SS21, is designed with hand beaded pearl looking embellishments all in glitter and silk tulle. Her corset's half transparent texture gives the gown a perfect romantic  style perfectly matching with Ezgi & Tugay's wedding at beautiful countryside of Turkey, Bozcaada. 

Wedding Date: 22.08.2020

How we met and the marriage proposal: We met at a camp 9 years ago and got the marriage proposal while eating red mullet accompanied by a ring hanging from balloons :)

About our wedding day: There would be stress on the wedding day of course, but ours was stressful due to the pandemic, and it was like a phone call will be canceled at any moment, so it passed quickly in the blink of an eye without real understanding. There was nothing that I said I had to do before, but I said I wish I had more photos for the aftermath, it felt like a dream :)

Our wedding style: The concept of our wedding was grapes and flowers suitable for that theme. We progressed in Bozcaada without disturbing the texture of the place we built, and the chairs with hazeran had minimal macromes. What made us who we are was being the way we are, so we wanted people to remember Bozcaada and us as we are, and experience that feeling we chose our first place when they go back there.

Finding my dream wedding gown: I found my dream wedding dress by chance when I woke up one morning, I have loved pearls since I was a child, but I never dreamed that one day I would be a bride with a pearl because I was not someone with a wedding dress in my dreams.

I was already fascinated by BEGUM BRIDAL DESIGN HOUSE wedding dresses and I went through a friend of mine and fell in love with my wedding dress on a drawing before the 2021 collection was released and I am very, very happy to wear this wedding dress.

First dance song: Ed Sheeran, "Perfect"

Advice for future couples about their wedding day: Live in the moment, enjoy. details will only tire you. It is a saying that I love very much 'life is as it is, it is not as it should be', let it be the way you are that day, do not miss that day, try to make it happen and it will be so enjoyable that you will pass that moment with joy be like your heart so as not to say I wish it was a little more, be yourself, let yourself be in music, let yourself be with the man you love with loved ones.


Congrats to Ezgi Nur & Tugay!

Visit Ezgi's IG to see her dreamy wedding in Bozcada Wine Yards



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