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Seda Esen & Alican Okyay

Seda Esen & Alican Okyay

Don’t you think our bride Seda radiates love, light and healing with her beautiful smile? Beautiful Seda in her ADELE gown. 

Make up @jonatscoutureofficial 

Photo credit @ikihayatbirkare

Wedding date: 27.08.2020
How we met and the marriage proposal: The first time my husband saw me was at my favorite restaurant, Sunset, in İstanbul. I was with a friend and he thought we were colleagues visiting İstanbul. He then searched for me on Instagram and made his first move by sending me a message. Our relationship started from that moment! 
A year later (actually 361 days later) we went out for dinner in Sunset and without having the slightest idea that anything was going to happen- he proposed to me!
About our wedding day: Yes, I’m a COVID bride. Initially we just wanted a small ceremony, but due to the circumstances everything changed. You’ll never guess where our wedding venue was. Sunset!! Family and close friends were with us to celebrate our special day. Unfortunately, close family couldn’t make it due to travel regulations, but we will make it up to them one day. I will wear my bridal again, and when I do- it will be with a twist. 
Our wedding style: Having our wedding venue at a restaurant has its advantages. Fine dining, flowers and drinks. After  hours, it was the bar, music, dancing.
Finding my dream wedding gown: I knew I’d find my gown at Begum Salihoglu. I had seen my dress online and knew that ADELE was “the one”. Adele was the first and only bridal I had ever tried on in my life. It was truly a match made in heaven.
First dance song: My husband is a very shy man so we didn’t have our first dance. But once we moved to the bar, my favorite song was playing, coincidently- Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. The next thing that happened was that my husband started dancing with me. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience.
Advice for future couples about their wedding day: Do what makes you both happy.
Congrats to Seda & her hubby! 
Visit Seda's IG to see more of her wedding ceremony at the Four Seasons Bosphorus. 


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