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Zülal Yüksel & Yiğit Şenkardeş

Zülal Yüksel & Yiğit Şenkardeş

Wedding date: 27.07.2019

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Green Blue Hotel / Sapanca

How we met and the marriage proposal: Our dating goes back to high school years. When I was an another school, I was transfered myself to school that Yiğit in it and we met there. We have been together since the second class of high school. Marriage proposal was very very beautiful. Normally, I understand the suprises, but this time I got tricked nicely:) I always said for the wedding proposal that our friends would be with us during the proposal, so it was. For bussiness, I was called to restaurant on Uzunya Beach in Kilyos. When I arrived there, my all friends and Yiğit with a mask were waiting me at the beach. It was really my dream to be by the sea, to have all my best friends there. It was just like my dream :) 

About our wedding day: Our wedding was at Sakarya in our country. We wanted prairie wedding, so we decided to make it near Sakarya lake. We choose the place both lakeside and in the forest. It was very good for us to get the bride in the early hours because while preparations, photo shoots etc., turning back home again is hard (my suggestion to all). On our wedding day, I prepared at Güral Otel because photoshoots was also over there. We had an enjoyable day with my girl friends :). After then, we went back to the Hotel where our wedding took place. 

Our wedding style: Our wedding concept was pampas plants. We wanted to be pure and simple. We enriched our concept with materials inspired by nature. We were designed our wedding invitation and all other details from this concept. Everything which were related with organization and meetings were exactly what I wanted. I could even say it was more :) 

Finding my wedding gown: I visited many wedding dress brands. However, I could not find the wedding dress that fits my character and I should also feel comfortable. I went to Begum Salihoglu on the advice of a friend. The first gown that I tried was LOUELLA and I said ''This is mine'' :) both simple, different, very comfortable ... what else I could want. Of course, in addition, Begüm's interest, energy, recommendations and changes... it was the most beautiful detail of my choice. (The most spoken things which is related with wedding was my gown and the sentences of everyone "a wedding gown which tells you exactly" made me very happy.)

First Dance Song: This was the most hesitant part for us. Choosing music was very hard. Our wedding area was at the pier and all of our friends made us a way and they stayed both sides on the way. While passing through them, we reached the wedding venue. For that reason, we preferred a slightly moving song. The song was Fergie feat / quanto quanto quanto. ( We decided during the wedding day :) We wanted that our first dance music to be our song. We dance with the song of Yasar / Gel Benimle and then we invited all our friends to the stage and continued our dance :)

Advice for future couples: My biggest advice to couples, whatever happens, do not lose your energy and smile and don't forget that day there are always setbacks like everyone experience. No one sees the small details that you are stuck with :) You have only one day. No need to demoralize. Enjoy the wedding as much as the guests :) Have fun...


Congrats to Zülal & Yiğit!

Visit Zülal's IG to see more of her lovely countryside wedding ceremony


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