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Duygu Peker & Emir Tunçyürek

Duygu Peker & Emir Tunçyürek

Your shoulders will love the extra breathing room and the airy, cloud-like feel of the silhouette. The dreamiest bridal cloud surrounding our beautiful BEGUM bride Duygu in her ANGELA gown. 

 Photo credit: Puciwed

Wedding date: 29.08.2020

How we met and the marriage proposal: We met from college, after graduation our acquaintance evolved first into friendship and then into love. I stayed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 6 months for work. At that time, Emir came to visit me and we traveled to Bali and Thailand together. During our trip to Bali, I received a spontaneous and intimate marriage proposal. In fact, there was no ring during the offer. In his offer with a plain glass ring that he bought secretly from me in Malaysia, Emir gave me a very real moment without any preparation, words and sentences mixed together, absurd with excitement, but very real.

About our wedding day: It was a relaxed, very happy, very exciting, very active day full of dance and friendship. They were saying a lot, I was thinking how much could happen, but indeed, there could be many things that did not go well that day. I had different misfortunes before and on the wedding day too, but I every moment and not spoil my mood on this most special day that I will remember years later. Just as I woke up on the morning of the wedding day with less sleep than the night before, there was only one promise I made to myself and that was to be positive throughout the day no matter what. I strongly believe in the power of energy, indeed, setbacks did not prevent my joy. This attitude reflected on our family and friends, and we had a positive and lively wedding day.

Our wedding style: We wanted to create a friendly and stylish concept while planning the wedding; We dreamed of a place where people both feel comfortable taking off their shoes and jump on the dance floor, and we really have fun with delicious food and quality music. We wanted it to be a bohemian and luxurious event in our style; We cheered our concept with blue purple hydrangeas mixed with pampas, cactus and succulents, abundant green, ecru, salmon and lilac. Instead of big candlesticks, crystal glasses, we created a warm atmosphere with more horizontal flowers, wood and stone decors, and patter lights. We organized long tables for people to chat and mingle with each other, and we also added souvenir photos to some special tables to share our memories. I will always remember our wedding day as a brilliant, sincere and attentive organization.

Finding my dream wedding gown: I never thought I would love my wedding gown this much. Undoubtedly became the hero of the night. I chose Angela wedding dress that complemented me with its romantic, lively and elegant atmosphere. In fact, when I saw it on the hanger, it was a wedding dress that I wore with extremely puffy sleeves without any serious attention. But I didn't want to take it off the moment I put it on. I would never have thought that simplicity would be this ostentatious. Since I knew that our first dance would be active, I wanted a wedding dress that would not restrict me and adapt to my active spirit. I felt incredibly original with its fluffy sleeves and pleated skirt. Like the crazy princess of a modern fairy tale, I waved my puffy arms around, blew my pleats and danced like crazy all night.

First dance song: Our first dance was a mashup of different songs. In the beginning, we had a crazy dance show that we came out with a boring love song and prepared with iconic songs such as Can't Touch This, Thriller, What is Love, and continued with our choreography full of funny and moving dance figures. We wanted to welcome everyone who came with our first dance, and also to have an unforgettable moment, and it happened.

Advice for future couples about their wedding day: It's really a very fast process that takes the blink of an eye. Especially the wedding day will pass very, very quickly. Make an effort to enjoy every moment and let mishaps happen. Accepting that there is no such thing as perfect, that everything is beautiful with what is already and what is not, is actually a solid training that increases your awareness, these wedding days. Have fun first, everyone will have fun if you really have fun. If you really laugh in your eyes, everyone will accompany you. Small details make a big difference, a few small notes, old photos or a funny basket of memories to leave for your friends will be great.

Congrats to Duygu & Emir! 

Visit Duygu's IG to see her dreamy wedding in Swissotel the Bosphorus


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