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BÉGUM BRIDAL DESIGN HOUSE’s philosophy is to shake the traditional wedding codes and bring urban modernity in timeless details, consistently updating the ideas of beauty and elegance.

Founded in 2008, couture designer Begum Salihoglu represents the height of fashion in Bridal and Haute Couture. After successfully establishing herself in the bridal market with her detailed and innovative couture designs, Begum expanded into Ready-to-Wear Bridal in 2017 and has removed her last name of her brand. The rebrand ‘BÉGUM BRIDAL DESIGN HOUSE’, also called in short BÉGUM BDH, was revealed to the public via social media, in 2018 to celebrate its 10th year in the industry.

Begum Salihoglu is a graduate of the renowned Parsons School of Design with a degree of Integrated Design Curriculum in Fashion and Product Design. Drawing inspiration from art, music, nature and the world around us, BEGUM’s collections offer brides an unsurpassed level of quality and craftsmanship, all designs are hand made in house.

Inspired by the intersection fashion trends and the needs of real brides, BÉGUM BDH designs the perfect wedding day look with stunning silhouettes and high attention to each detail.




As a designer, Begüm Salihoğlu is obsessed with Japanese concept of "Kaizen" which is the art of continual improvement in the pursuit of perfection. The designer idealizes this concept with the brand's high quality materials and production.

From her unique point of view, she embodies the contemporary woman through a sophisticated and arcane sense of design. Timeless, luxurious, and wearable for all seasons, her collections reflect the confidence of a woman not just unique, but truly iconic. 



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