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Begum BDH'ye Hoş Geldiniz

Öykü Çağın & İzzet Tüzmen

Öykü Çağın & İzzet Tüzmen

How we met and the marriage proposal: We met each other thanks to our mutual friend in İzmir in 2014. Even though we met for a very short time, I felt that we would start a relationship soon. After a nice flirting period, we got married on our 5th year.

About our wedding day: I was a bit excited until our photographers from S&S Visual came to our home on the morning of the wedding, but I was relieved when the photo shoot started. Our wedding took place at Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus. We were welcomed with the best service from the moment we arrived at the hotel. Jonat's hair makeup team had already arrived. My hair and makeup was finished in a very short time and we had plenty of time to have fun in the room with my friends. Later, two colleagues from BEGUM team brought my customized ARIA gown and AURORA after party dress and I started to dress up for the photo shoot. I think the most tiring time of my wedding day was that 3-hour photo shoot. But I can easily say that it was worth our tiredness. I was super excited and forgot all my tiredness right before going to our wedding ceremony. Ayhan Sicimoğlu and her team were on the stage at our wedding, it was really magical and everyone had so much fun. Our wedding continued until 4 am with the after party. However, the next day we realized how tired we were, but again, it was worth all our tiredness. Our wedding day remained in our minds as a magical day that I have had the most fun in my life and want to live again and again.

Our wedding style: As we love summer weddings and outdoor weddings more, our wedding took place in the open area of ​​the Four Seasons. We worked with Terim Events in the organization. We wanted to create an environment with stylish, romantic and purple-blue-pink flowers. In addition to silver candlesticks, candle holders and vases, roses, tulips and hydrangeas were featured on the tables

Finding my dream wedding gown: Actually, when I found my engagement dress, I knew what kind of gown I wanted. My engagement dress had three-dimensional flowers and I liked it very much. Later, I realized that I wanted three-dimensional flowers on my wedding dress. I just didn't know what kind of model I wanted. I was thinking of buying a ready-made wedding dress, but I could not find the one I wanted. Later, I saw a three-dimensional veil designed by BEGUM Bridal Design House on Instagram and immediately made my appointment. When I went to my wedding dress appointment, I told Begüm Salihoğlu what kind of a wedding dress I wanted and especially how I wanted the flowers to be. She showed me three different models of wedding gowns and finally we decided on the style. The fittings took two months, and finally, three-dimensional flowers were added to the sleeves and skirts of the wedding dress. Each rehearsal was incredibly enjoyable and exciting. My friends came to the last rehearsal and we had a celebration in the showroom. The best times of my wedding memories were my fittings. I think that the sincerity, friendliness and interest of my dear Begüm Salihoğlu and her beloved team is the main reason I go to rehearsals with joy.

First dance song: Unchained Melody- The Righteous Brothers

Advice for future couples about their wedding day: We often hear from our friends about how much they were stressed because of their organization on their wedding day. At this point, it is very important to work with the right people. We were very lucky to work with Terim Events. They helped me a lot to enjoy the wedding process and especially the wedding day without stress. My advice to brides is to start planning their wedding and talking to the companies they consider to work at least 8 months in advance.



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