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The "HoneyMood" collection necklace is a beautifully curated piece for the new bride to adorn on her honeymoon. Meticulously crafted with metal rhinestones that glint with a romantic sparkle and embellished with alphabet pearls that add a personalized touch, this necklace blends timeless elegance with a hint of playful charm. Perfect for those candlelit dinners or leisurely beach walks, it's a celebration of love and new beginnings. Whether paired with a sundress or an evening gown, this necklace from the "HoneyMood" collection promises to keep the wedding bliss glowing.

(Shipping fees and local customs & duties may apply for international shipments.)

Estimated delivery: 2 WEEKS. 

•   Fully handmade in Istanbul
•   Metallic rhinestone necklace with mother of pearl letters

•  One piece only

•  Return and refund accepted in 7 days


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