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Begum BDH'ye Hoş Geldiniz

Zeynep Kalkandelen & Caner Kırateli

Zeynep Kalkandelen & Caner Kırateli

Wedding date: 10.10.2020

How we met and the marriage proposal: We had met 5 years ago when Caner joined the company I have been already working for. After a couple of weeks, we had an outside event as whole team. We were divided into subgroups for a workshop and we were in the same group. That was our first interaction, and he caught my attention that moment. However, at the same day I learnt that he was taken, and the story ended up for me. About 2 years later, in the begging of 2018, he told me that he divorced, and we started to hang out as friends for almost one year. And at the end of 2018 our relationship turned out to be a romantic one.

In summer 2020, while we were working from home because of the pandemic; we decided to rent a house in Bozcaada for one month. While we were in Bozcaada, one day we were walking around and found a beautiful spot on the hill with an amazing view. We were chatting and conversation became romantic at some point, and he proposed me there :) 

About our wedding day: We married on 10.10.2020. Because of the pandemic, everything was limited during the time we married. We chose a garden with a natural, green atmosphere in Kuzguncuk. But there was a crucial thing, since it was fall, the weather reports were saying it is going to rain. We were lucky since rain started after our ceremony finished. Everything went perfect. I will always remember every single minute of that special day.

Our wedding style: We got married in a natural garden ambiance. Everything was very simple and chic. And because of the pandemic; the invitee number was also low, which we wanted to be.

Finding my dream wedding gown: I looked at least 5-6 different wedding stores, before I get appointment from Begüm Salihoğlu. I was looking for a gown which is simple, I mean not extravagant but still chic in details. Because I was thinking that this is the one and only day, I will wear a gown, so it should not also be looking like a white dress. So, it was a little bit difficult to find my dream wedding gown. 

Then I went to Begum BDH with my mom. We liked almost all wedding gowns there! We selected three favorites, which I felt almost same excitement with three of them. However, one of them made me feel like who I am, I knew it. And I went there again with Caner, he also chose the one I chose. Then RACHEL became my dream wedding gown :) 

First dance song: Our first song was Scent of Woman, then after the ceremony our first dance song was our favourite song; "Alla Beni Pulla Beni" from Barış Manço.

Congrats to Zeynep & Caner! 

Visit Zeynep's IG to see more of her beautiful garden wedding ceremony


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